When you hear that word, what comes to mind?
Music, Art, Writing, Sports? …  Dinosaurs, Doritos, Diamonds?!

Passion is what drives you, fuels you. Passion is the great energizer.

Call it your “why”. Why you do the things you do. Are you happy, passionately living your daily life? Why do you get up in the morning? Rather .. What gets you up in the morning, bouncing out of bed at 5, 6, 7am, whatever your schedule. It could be your profession, or job. Is that your passion? Only you can answer that. And its a question worth pondering. If you’re lucky, and by lucky I mean consistently working your ass off day in and day out on yourself to create, yes create, the life you desire then you’re probably high on the passion potion, and trust me there’s plenty.

You could say I’m at some sort of crossroads, eager to go go go, but where the HELL AM I GOING? Easier said than done. Fake it till you make it, or fake it until you become it rather – YES. As a girl that’s landed back where she’s started and danced around with a few different endeavors I’m boiling the water & trimming away the fat — and searching, creating and fueling my passions.

What reignited this realization, was the other day while spooning some ‘basic’ pumpkin ice cream a colleague proposed, “Imagine all of your conversations and thoughts were only about the lifestyle & experiences you wanted?!” Wow, that hit home… and I added, ‘And we only focused our energy on the positives and how to improve the quality of our lives?!’ .. The mood lightened, and we all drifted deep in thought — which lasted for about 10-20 seconds until some other conversation was sparked & regained our immediate attention. L O L

So during those rare few seconds, we were free & clear, it was blissful.
Where’d we go — what came to mind — what were we a l l o w i n g ourselves to bring into our mental spotlight?

Imagine if we DID do this more often.. like a lot , daily, regularly, habitually.
The little catch phrase of ‘living the dream’, would actually apply.
Our lives CAN be filled with joy and abundance and gratitude, if we let it.

So where does your mind go when it wanders? Take some notes, you’ll be happy you did.

As for myself, a few things DO come to mind, which brings us here. I’ve always wanted a blog, because I have a lot to say.. but I myself am my biggest critic so sometimes when I sit down to write … this happens :

Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.04 PM #2Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.04 PM

and nothing gets done. ( I just bought a new Macbook, so naturally I had a field day with Photo Booth)

Writing is a new thing, so if you’ve come this far.. bear with me. I’ll improve. I’m just trying to get my voice heard, find my audience.

MY REAL passion — is fashion. AND LOOK AT THAT IT RHYMES. *the little things*
I’ve loved shopping shoes and style more than school, studying, sleeping(yesiknow), and any other less than savvy s-word.
In fact, I went on an impromptu photo shoot earlier today, because its FUN. Clothing is what drives me, freedom of expression, the quality of the garment, how you feel when you wear it. I could go on, I will, another time.  I would post the pictures from today if we didn’t have some technical difficulties (newbies).. so instead ill give you my Lady Gaga-esq shots :

Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.10 PM #3Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.10 PM #4Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.13 PM

BORN THIS WAY BABYYY – And speaking of birth: did I mention my birthday’s Christmas? So I’m a walking ho-ho holiday =]
Less than 3 months people! DAMN HOW TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN >>>>

So as we wrap this up, I just encourage you to.. go for it. Yeah, be like Nike, YOU KNOW.  Whatever it is. Whatever you want. JUST……… DO IT. I understand it’s our first time at this whole human thing; (if it’s not please email me about your past life, SPARING NO DETAILS) we’re all just spinning in circles trying to figure it out.

Find your spark, your fire, your character. What makes you, you!
You’ve been casted as the lead role in a movie called LIFE and you’re runnin’ the show.

3…2…1… A C T I O N



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