Be who YOU wanna be, baby.

I don’t know whether 100% piggy back off this #callmecaitlyn debut or yes absolutely piggy back off this astounding, moving & shocking transformation. So, i’ll do both.

DISCLAIMER : I, myself, had mentally set a June 1st deadline to get my blog/website/brand up ( .. that you’re now reading .. ) and running and almost fell short.

BUT Bruce Jenner, went from man, no myth, just legend to fierce, fierce woman and that is            A LOT SCARIER TO JUST PUT OUT THERE.

Which totally goes to show : fear is a liar & you can do absolutely anything.

a n y t h i n g

Isn’t finding true happiness really the meaning of life?  I mean, don’t we all just want to live in harmonious bliss without the weight of the daily mambo jambo, the he said she said, salting our style?

I really don’t follow the Kardashian Kult at all anymore, I’ve switched the focus towards myself and my own goals, #winning || But for BJ now CJ to go through a complete sexual transformation takes some serious … guts.

I was having a conversation today with an old friend in a coffee shop and he too reminded me that, Vulnerability is a sign of strength.

Believe you have it & you have it.

So… as I too, figure it out, I’ll just building a brand over here in the right corner, but it was the wit of #callmecaitlyn that gave me that extra umph, that I needed.

Also ** Super happy that it’s spelled differently because #itsacutallycaitlinpaige

Aspire to inspire people.
You’ll never know if you don’t try.
Well, What if you fail, but darling what if you fly?

I hope that with your return, and MY personal growth I can provide you with just a little bit more value, charm, & fun to take with you as you go =]



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