Ch-ch-ch-ch channngessss.
“Don’t tell them to grow up and out of it”

SO- Where my David Bowie fans at?

Honestly, before I looked up the lyrics I thought it was “turn and face the strange” , … ch ch changes. Seemed fitting, and I may actually like it better (not to knock on Mr. Bowie)  but I suppose strain fits just as well. All depending on perspective. Strain means force, to make a strenuous or unusually great effort.

If you want things to change, you have to change –  Jim Rohn

Such a simple truth.
Here’s another — nothing changes if nothing changes.
It’s wild that when you simplify things, like thought, retention, and action and take a look deeper, beneath the surface how you can absolutely transform your daily actions, then habits, and then after some time.. your entire life.
I’m singing up for these classes.

Sometimes, life might not go as planned.
Actually, MOST times life doesn’t go e x a c t l y  to plan
And if it does, Kudos! Keep on keepin’ on–
As for the rest of us .. I’m pretty sure the journey might look something like this helpful little chart :


..deep breath…

You’re not alone.

Sure, the sun rises and the sun sets every single day, and if your actions and habits don’t change with the rising of that sun, I can promise you that’s not going to change and you’ll find yourself exactly where you are in the next 5,10, 20 years.. UNLESS you switch it up.

Learning shouldn’t stop once school does. In fact I think thats when the actual learning begins, when you’re on your own and ready or not … it’s go time!  Once you enter the “real world” , on your own terms, whichever way you desire .. No one is holding your hand anymore, you don’t have to ask to use the restroom, or have a designated lunch time. Unless of course that’s the path you choose.

When you boil the water and trim away the fat, your presence is really about self discovery, what makes YOU happy, and doing what brings great joy waking up to every morning. It’s the little things that become the big things and it all starts right here, right now.

This may sound scary and a bit much to take in all at once, but don’t let your fear decide your fate. Fear is a liar!
We are our own biggest critics, for me this whole writing thing has me feeling’ some typea way, but here I am, facing the music and writing the lyrics. I know i’ve got a lot to say so I’m just out here looking for my audience. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, are your actions matching up with what it is you want?

All we have is today, who are you becoming?




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