“I Want To Tell My Story… But First I Want To Overcome It”

week 42 .. or somethin’ like that

Hello there.

What a beautiful time to be alive, isn’t it? 

I can’t say I’m always as put together as I make it seem.. — TRUTH BOMB, I’m not really put together at all at the moment. And that’s okay, I’ve learned vulnerability and humility are attractive, and encourage growth. If you sharing something makes you feel better and can help another, please do! We’re all in this together.

My faith and passion has been lightly restored today, and in the last few days to really set sail for healing and feeling, sharing and caring, for yourself! I’m slowly realizing keeping your feelings bottled inside can do WAY more harm than good, especially since I myself am such a vocal person, keeping this to myself is not the plan, nor gunna free me of my pain. 


Since August 2017, I have been receiving IV treatments at a wonderful wellness center in Cherry Hill, NJ. I frequent this center due to an ongoing health issue, that apparently I am put on this Earth to NIP IN THE BUTT, and I suppose share with ya’ll how I been doin it. Hey Now.

For 12 years I have known to have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Lupus for short, an “auto-immune” condition where your ‘body attacks itself’, or so I’ve been led to believe. And no-one is at fault, this has been concluded with the most updated information and symptoms for what has been available to date. 

After seeing multiple specialists year after year and not agreeing with a consistent medication for the rest of my life because I’m just shy 30 and I have my whole life ahead of me.

I chose to seek out alternative medicine. 

Doing so through Intravenous treatment (IV), supplementation & nutrition.

Oh and recently much more belief, because if ya don’t have that will anything else REALLY work?? Be – Live. k, i get it now. 

I’ve posted snippets of my time there publicly, but after some continuous questions it’s easier to share as a whole ❤ THANKS FOR THE PUSH ❤ 

The treatment I have been receiving is Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) or Ozone Therapy (blood spinning) followed by a ‘Meyers Cocktail’ consisting of – Vitamin C, B, A, Magnesium & Folic Acid, and maybe some minerals? You can google both of these. 

In short, (gunna get a little PG graphic-ish)  MAH is oxygenizing your blood by first extracting it from your vein, then mixing it with medical grade oxygen & drip drip-ing it back into your body. 

When the blood is oxygenated this “supercharges” your immune system, which bad cells like cancer, microbial infection and chronic inflammation and the like cannot survive in this environment. AWESOME. I’m in! I’ve read a lot of professional baseball players do this as well. 🙂 

Following, The Meyers Cocktail is also through an IV, in total this treatment took aboutttt 45 mins – an hour. Not too shabby. 


Recently, after continuous long and hard research of WHY WHAT HOW, yes remembering to breathe — breathe more — like there’s gotta be something I’m missing… I was actually recommended to seek out a blessed individual calling himself the Medical Medium.

Anthony William (MM) who has opened my eyes, heart, and mind .. is also replenishing my hydrochloric acid in my stomach with CELERY JUICE, yes celery ( an entire post on this in the future, promise ) has some newer ‘extraordinary accurate’ information. This #1 New York Times best-seller has just released his fourth book revolving around his story, life-changing foods and thyroid and liver healing. *If you have anything auto-immune, I cannot stress enough how you should do your own research on him.*  I know I’m no doctor.. and neither is he actually, but when I began to cross reference this information, things started to shine a new light. A lively light to say the least. 

Like I said, I know I’m no doctor; I am 100% a patient, now just being a patient patient. It’s my body and the experience is first hand. So I might know a litttttttle bit. Anywho, on a specific date in March, I did a little partying and after waking up feeling WORSE THAN EVER, like a wire was snipped, a switched flipped, something totally changed. 

After reading all about Medical Medium, I had a hunch I could have reactivated EBV. Epstein-Barr Virus, a viral infection present in 90% of the population without symptoms, but when it elevates to different stages aka starts raging inside of you at stage 3-4, is a claimed underlying cause of MANY auto-immune conditions. (yes I got this information from his books, no its not really far fetched) Stage 2 is Mononucleosis, another bed-ridden fatigued infection that if you’ve ever had it you KNOW it throws you on your ass. 

With this new found information and bringing it to my doctors attention, we tested me for EBV, and sure as shit… I was correct. WHAT A FEEEEEEEEEELING <<< in more ways than one.

So the last 6-8 weeks my treatment has changed from the Meyer’s Cocktail to a big ol bag of VITAMIN C baby, the biggest bag I’ve seen. Okay lie. But its large and in charge and now takes an hour and a half ALONE to go drip drip. 

With the combination of the IV treatments, suppliments and nutrition information from MM and a licensed nutritionist I have new found hope that this can allllllllllllllllllllllllll beeeeeee heeeallleddddddddddd. Amen, Praise God, Glory UP. No lie tho.

As much as I wanted to tell this story as I’ve beaten it and its all behind me, right now it is staring me in the face like HEY WHATS UP CAIT, u gunna share with the class???!!! 

Roll call ……….. “CAITLIN?”       P    R    E     S     E     N     T 

I hope this gives anyone out there hope that things can and will get better, and if there are any questions about the center, treatments, medical medium etc.. please don’t hesitate.

Thanks for reading!



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