A place I call HOME.

“Start where you are, with what you have.”
.. It’s not so much where you’re from, but whats in your heart, that matters*

*Unless you’re from some really awesome place, then kudos too… if not don’t sweat it because ‘your success is not determined by your zip-code’ says the experienced Gary Vaynerchuck. At the end of the day we’re all just trying to find our voice on this over-populated third rock from the sun.

Fortunately for me, I live by the beach and I love it, so we’ll just start this off with a win/win here. #humblebrag

Where the ocean meets the sky I can’t help but feel an ‘at the edge of the earth’ feeling wash over me — all while soaking up some rays & tanning your cheeks!

& As much as adventure strikes, itching to cast off and spread my wings elsewhere (soon enough), I’d like to first reflect & appreciate what I call home.

 Here, have a look :


Bay Head, New Jersey (photocredit: myself, Snapchat )

This was Friday. What a great day!


Also, buried deep throughout the vessels of my heart is a passion for fashion. Ooh, a rhyme! But it’s true. I believe what you’re wearing speaks volumes, all before opening your mouth. Miuccia Prada also agrees that “Fashion is instant language” and since & I’ve always had a lot to say… we’d better get a move on it.

If it looks good, wear it & better yet, share it.

FullSizeRender (10)

Balcony Bliss. (shot with : selfieeeestiicckkkkkk)

I wore this lavender fringe suit designed by a fellow fashionista, Thanks Cass!
The printed shorts I snagged at the mall, for just $10!

As you read, and as I get the hang of this, I’ll cover topics such as fashion, fitness, food, fake-it-till-ya-make-it’s & any other fun, funky, inspiring, insight that I see fit.
Let’s Party!

xO Caitlin


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