Do You Inspire You?

What fuels your fire?  What is it that turns that ‘some day’ idea into a right NOW manifesto? What do you ZOOM in on looking through the lenses of life?

I ask this because I FINALLY realize that you don’t *really* have anything to lose, more so everything to gain, and should just go for it, whatever that may be.

You are the creator of your experience.


You can watch all the podcasts, listen to the right people, take all the best notes, go to the greatest school, and literally be a trust fund baby…(not I) and still wind up not happy or not in a state of flow and abundance.

REALITY CHECK : Boss up & change ya life.

I found myself getting caught up in my own head — suffering from analysis paralysis as friend mentioned.. causing me to do nothing but make excuses. Gross. Not who I am.

I felt as if I needed to be better, do better, have accomplished MORE before I could begin. WHAT? …as I write that now I do see how crazy that sounds , and you do too – so lets learn a bit from the semi self sabotage I’ve caused myself & do not wish to continue 🙂

You can either make decisions or excuses. 

Once you DECIDE on something, the universe conspires to make it so. Good OR bad.
Be mindful of what you’re telling yourself. If you say you can, you can! If you say you can’t, well… don’t do that. It’s crazy how much power our self talk has over us, so much that whatever we tell ourselves is what we attract!

I encourage you to encourage yourself, be your own cheerleader.
* Try not to get that confused with self absorbed, I’m talking more so self aware.*

A thought leader of Generations XYZ and the next, Gary Vaynerchuck mentions in multiple podcasts, on how important it is to be self aware.

If you know who you are, you’re ahead of the game.
If you don’t, well, I’d highly advise looking deeper into your S O U L.

Some questions to ask yourself to get those creative juices flowing :

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. What do people call on YOU for?



There’s a multitude of things that give you your YOUness. Embrace them!

In short,
The journey of life is the best part, there really is no ‘destination’. We all just want to love and be loved. First, we must start with ourselves. So while trekking along, do you fuel your own fire? I hope so. It’s human nature to seek growth and change, & the self discovery along the way, that’s the real prize.


Whatcha looking at?

Ever feel like you’re MIA and everywhere at the same time?
Kinda how its been for me these past few days, weeks, months. (:

Maybe I was just going through the motions, but what motions exactly?
I sort of felt like a dog chasing my own tail, and damn I’m dizzy.

A confused mind does nothing – Get clear on what it is you want, and how to get there.

I’ll tell ya  at 27, so far ‘adulting’ is quite interesting to say the least. We were not put here to just pay bills and die, I SWEAR. And for the record, I definitely don’t have it all figured out, and that’s what I think makes it exciting, figuring out what works, and what doesn’t.

I do however have a great big list of what NOT to do 😀 — learned a lot.

*just keep swimming*

We might get wrapped up in what I’m calling ‘screen envy’ .. looking at someone else’s BEST moment and comparing them to your RIGHT now. #guilty
*cut that outttttt* U R AWESOME, right now & always. There I said it. You should too!


It took a – disconnect & reconnect + to get my mind & body right again.

My latest 4 months was filled with no job, fat swollen legs, multiple ER visits, and a FUGLY rash -__-  I’ve decided to stop having a quarter life crisis and get a grip; & snap back to reality.

HellO, it’s me.

It wasn’t ALL bad though, I’ve also had a birthday, gotten PT certified, and highly improved my ‘books I’ve read’ list thus far for 2016.


I Took a trip with my gal-pal PRESLEY and we went to the Barnegat Lighthouse —
Off the screen and into the scene
(yes I know you’re reading this on a screen and for that I am grateful, thx keep reading :] )

**look photos**

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* that last one is a doozy ^^

wwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :insert upside-down smiley emoji:

Had a grand ol’ time, tryna lure in the cutie filled Coast Guard boat to make some friends, and constantly snap photos with our ‘frou frous’ as I called our wispy pieces of hair flying all over the place.

Needed this crisp refresher after the months of suck, and I can actually believe it wasn’t an alcoholic beverage ^^ LOL

If you would like to follow along while you’re doing your own cool shit :

snapchat – @iwannabcait

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That’s all for now!



Whom do you listen to?
Whom do you look up to?
Who are some of your role-models?

2015… what Instagram accounts can you not live without? 🙂

I’m finding it incredible, with ultimate change & growth, the possibilities that can forever bloom when you harvest life with seeds of optimism and opportunity.

WHAT?  … basically : ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ … meaning, the quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input.

As a society addicted to CNN (constant negative news) we’re slightly bias and sometimes more partial to the ideas of ‘lack’ and loss, instead of being overzealous with love & longevity.

Well………… Flip the switch, it’s a blessed 3rd rock from the sun we live on, so let us spin in abundance.

“What is life?” Life is you.

You are in the driver seat, put the petal to the medal and pack your vehicle with those on the same mission. You are a product of your environment, and the company you keep.

Taking my own advice has me sitting here wishing, writing & manifesting on this fashion, fitness & lifestyle blog, a forever work-in-progress.

TO keep on modeling trend — on a photo shoot over the weekend,  my photographer friend Ashley, gal pal Emily, and myself collaborated together to see what we could accomplish. I’ve been improv shooting with Ashley a few different times half to build her portfolio, and half to get my ideas of a styling business off the ground. 
Team work makes the dream work.

IMG_8184IMG_8183IMG_8186 (1)

These are just silly shots I took with Snapchat (I’m tellin’ you, great quality point & shoot selfies on that app, good job Evan Spiegel)

When not being able to look at yourself, posing in front of a camera is a bit more challenging than one might think. So as I muster up the heart and belief that I’ve got what it takes (with lots and lots of practice)
Here’s some shots we did get :



That’s what really counts, right?

B e l i e v e   y o u   h a v e   i t   &   y  o u   h a v e   i t .

To view the complete shoot you can check out Ashley’s Facebook page, here.


Be who YOU wanna be, baby.

I don’t know whether 100% piggy back off this #callmecaitlyn debut or yes absolutely piggy back off this astounding, moving & shocking transformation. So, i’ll do both.

DISCLAIMER : I, myself, had mentally set a June 1st deadline to get my blog/website/brand up ( .. that you’re now reading .. ) and running and almost fell short.

BUT Bruce Jenner, went from man, no myth, just legend to fierce, fierce woman and that is            A LOT SCARIER TO JUST PUT OUT THERE.

Which totally goes to show : fear is a liar & you can do absolutely anything.

a n y t h i n g

Isn’t finding true happiness really the meaning of life?  I mean, don’t we all just want to live in harmonious bliss without the weight of the daily mambo jambo, the he said she said, salting our style?

I really don’t follow the Kardashian Kult at all anymore, I’ve switched the focus towards myself and my own goals, #winning || But for BJ now CJ to go through a complete sexual transformation takes some serious … guts.

I was having a conversation today with an old friend in a coffee shop and he too reminded me that, Vulnerability is a sign of strength.

Believe you have it & you have it.

So… as I too, figure it out, I’ll just building a brand over here in the right corner, but it was the wit of #callmecaitlyn that gave me that extra umph, that I needed.

Also ** Super happy that it’s spelled differently because #itsacutallycaitlinpaige

Aspire to inspire people.
You’ll never know if you don’t try.
Well, What if you fail, but darling what if you fly?

I hope that with your return, and MY personal growth I can provide you with just a little bit more value, charm, & fun to take with you as you go =]


A place I call HOME.

“Start where you are, with what you have.”
.. It’s not so much where you’re from, but whats in your heart, that matters*

*Unless you’re from some really awesome place, then kudos too… if not don’t sweat it because ‘your success is not determined by your zip-code’ says the experienced Gary Vaynerchuck. At the end of the day we’re all just trying to find our voice on this over-populated third rock from the sun.

Fortunately for me, I live by the beach and I love it, so we’ll just start this off with a win/win here. #humblebrag

Where the ocean meets the sky I can’t help but feel an ‘at the edge of the earth’ feeling wash over me — all while soaking up some rays & tanning your cheeks!

& As much as adventure strikes, itching to cast off and spread my wings elsewhere (soon enough), I’d like to first reflect & appreciate what I call home.

 Here, have a look :


Bay Head, New Jersey (photocredit: myself, Snapchat )

This was Friday. What a great day!


Also, buried deep throughout the vessels of my heart is a passion for fashion. Ooh, a rhyme! But it’s true. I believe what you’re wearing speaks volumes, all before opening your mouth. Miuccia Prada also agrees that “Fashion is instant language” and since & I’ve always had a lot to say… we’d better get a move on it.

If it looks good, wear it & better yet, share it.

FullSizeRender (10)

Balcony Bliss. (shot with : selfieeeestiicckkkkkk)

I wore this lavender fringe suit designed by a fellow fashionista, Thanks Cass!
The printed shorts I snagged at the mall, for just $10!

As you read, and as I get the hang of this, I’ll cover topics such as fashion, fitness, food, fake-it-till-ya-make-it’s & any other fun, funky, inspiring, insight that I see fit.
Let’s Party!

xO Caitlin