When you hear that word, what comes to mind?
Music, Art, Writing, Sports? …  Dinosaurs, Doritos, Diamonds?!

Passion is what drives you, fuels you. Passion is the great energizer.

Call it your “why”. Why you do the things you do. Are you happy, passionately living your daily life? Why do you get up in the morning? Rather .. What gets you up in the morning, bouncing out of bed at 5, 6, 7am, whatever your schedule. It could be your profession, or job. Is that your passion? Only you can answer that. And its a question worth pondering. If you’re lucky, and by lucky I mean consistently working your ass off day in and day out on yourself to create, yes create, the life you desire then you’re probably high on the passion potion, and trust me there’s plenty.

You could say I’m at some sort of crossroads, eager to go go go, but where the HELL AM I GOING? Easier said than done. Fake it till you make it, or fake it until you become it rather – YES. As a girl that’s landed back where she’s started and danced around with a few different endeavors I’m boiling the water & trimming away the fat — and searching, creating and fueling my passions.

What reignited this realization, was the other day while spooning some ‘basic’ pumpkin ice cream a colleague proposed, “Imagine all of your conversations and thoughts were only about the lifestyle & experiences you wanted?!” Wow, that hit home… and I added, ‘And we only focused our energy on the positives and how to improve the quality of our lives?!’ .. The mood lightened, and we all drifted deep in thought — which lasted for about 10-20 seconds until some other conversation was sparked & regained our immediate attention. L O L

So during those rare few seconds, we were free & clear, it was blissful.
Where’d we go — what came to mind — what were we a l l o w i n g ourselves to bring into our mental spotlight?

Imagine if we DID do this more often.. like a lot , daily, regularly, habitually.
The little catch phrase of ‘living the dream’, would actually apply.
Our lives CAN be filled with joy and abundance and gratitude, if we let it.

So where does your mind go when it wanders? Take some notes, you’ll be happy you did.

As for myself, a few things DO come to mind, which brings us here. I’ve always wanted a blog, because I have a lot to say.. but I myself am my biggest critic so sometimes when I sit down to write … this happens :

Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.04 PM #2Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.04 PM

and nothing gets done. ( I just bought a new Macbook, so naturally I had a field day with Photo Booth)

Writing is a new thing, so if you’ve come this far.. bear with me. I’ll improve. I’m just trying to get my voice heard, find my audience.

MY REAL passion — is fashion. AND LOOK AT THAT IT RHYMES. *the little things*
I’ve loved shopping shoes and style more than school, studying, sleeping(yesiknow), and any other less than savvy s-word.
In fact, I went on an impromptu photo shoot earlier today, because its FUN. Clothing is what drives me, freedom of expression, the quality of the garment, how you feel when you wear it. I could go on, I will, another time.  I would post the pictures from today if we didn’t have some technical difficulties (newbies).. so instead ill give you my Lady Gaga-esq shots :

Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.10 PM #3Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.10 PM #4Photo on 9-24-15 at 11.13 PM

BORN THIS WAY BABYYY – And speaking of birth: did I mention my birthday’s Christmas? So I’m a walking ho-ho holiday =]
Less than 3 months people! DAMN HOW TIME FLIES WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN >>>>

So as we wrap this up, I just encourage you to.. go for it. Yeah, be like Nike, YOU KNOW.  Whatever it is. Whatever you want. JUST……… DO IT. I understand it’s our first time at this whole human thing; (if it’s not please email me about your past life, SPARING NO DETAILS) we’re all just spinning in circles trying to figure it out.

Find your spark, your fire, your character. What makes you, you!
You’ve been casted as the lead role in a movie called LIFE and you’re runnin’ the show.

3…2…1… A C T I O N




Ch-ch-ch-ch channngessss.
“Don’t tell them to grow up and out of it”

SO- Where my David Bowie fans at?

Honestly, before I looked up the lyrics I thought it was “turn and face the strange” , … ch ch changes. Seemed fitting, and I may actually like it better (not to knock on Mr. Bowie)  but I suppose strain fits just as well. All depending on perspective. Strain means force, to make a strenuous or unusually great effort.

If you want things to change, you have to change –  Jim Rohn

Such a simple truth.
Here’s another — nothing changes if nothing changes.
It’s wild that when you simplify things, like thought, retention, and action and take a look deeper, beneath the surface how you can absolutely transform your daily actions, then habits, and then after some time.. your entire life.
I’m singing up for these classes.

Sometimes, life might not go as planned.
Actually, MOST times life doesn’t go e x a c t l y  to plan
And if it does, Kudos! Keep on keepin’ on–
As for the rest of us .. I’m pretty sure the journey might look something like this helpful little chart :


..deep breath…

You’re not alone.

Sure, the sun rises and the sun sets every single day, and if your actions and habits don’t change with the rising of that sun, I can promise you that’s not going to change and you’ll find yourself exactly where you are in the next 5,10, 20 years.. UNLESS you switch it up.

Learning shouldn’t stop once school does. In fact I think thats when the actual learning begins, when you’re on your own and ready or not … it’s go time!  Once you enter the “real world” , on your own terms, whichever way you desire .. No one is holding your hand anymore, you don’t have to ask to use the restroom, or have a designated lunch time. Unless of course that’s the path you choose.

When you boil the water and trim away the fat, your presence is really about self discovery, what makes YOU happy, and doing what brings great joy waking up to every morning. It’s the little things that become the big things and it all starts right here, right now.

This may sound scary and a bit much to take in all at once, but don’t let your fear decide your fate. Fear is a liar!
We are our own biggest critics, for me this whole writing thing has me feeling’ some typea way, but here I am, facing the music and writing the lyrics. I know i’ve got a lot to say so I’m just out here looking for my audience. Whatever it is you’re passionate about, are your actions matching up with what it is you want?

All we have is today, who are you becoming?



e N e R g Y

That word. It’s contagious, dangerous, luminous & curious.
Energy is intense, could sometimes be stale, maybe strange or even too extreme.

However we’re feeling day to day, we’re radiating some type of energy.
Where is your focus? What do you highlight? When you look around, what do you see?
Different people radiate different types of energy.

Right now, I want to encourage you to think… like really really think. About anything, whatever comes to your mind.
(go ahead, I’ll wait)



^ remember those? That was fun

Did you drift towards something Positive 🙂 ? Negative 😦 ?   ——  Nothing at all ¿?
What’s going on up there in that brain of yours?
Whatever you thought about I bet that’s where your heart is <3333
I’d pay attention.. to the beating muscle that gives you life.

I was watching an interesting video last night talking about brain waves, and feelings of openness within your heart. Sounds pretty out of the ordinary.. yeah well it was. Definitely not something you’ve ever seen in Health class, which is also interesting..

We’re so in-tuned with our emotions , yet that’s not such common knowledge.

“Encourage the presence of positive emotions as the dominating thoughts in your mind, and discourage the presence of all the destructive emotions. ” – Think & Grow Rich

We’re all creatures of habit, the mind is a creature of habit. Think good things, and good things follow. Think bad things, and well, you get the picture.
What we’re not lead to believe : We’re actually in total control.

You’re holding the paint brush…so paint away!  I used to compare the feeling of ” being stuck” to relationships, with a significant other. Love is the most powerful of feelings, emotions, energies.

Looking back, I was in a lot of different encounters, and I’ve definitely learned a lot from my adolescent commitments. And as I grow up, and gain more experience, I know how important love is, and especially the love for yourself. Can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself. The end.
WAIT —  Not the end, just yet.. more so the beginning.. of you, ME, us. Whomever, wherever. You decide.
But ‘stuck’ really is a choice, so just choose to become un-stuck. Raise your energy.


A wise, inspiring man by the name of Claude Bristol once told me :
Thought, attracts that which it is directed. I’ll type it once more because I like to –
T h o u g h t  a t t r a c t s  t h a t  w h i c h  i t  i s  d i r e c t e d.

thoughts = energy

If you’re feeling a little on the negative side, that’s okay.. just recognize it and work on .. changing.
I myself, used to see things in a less fortunate light, until I opened my mind towards abundance.

And yes, life is magical. MAGICAL, we’re all magical creatures with brain waves and toes and armpit hair and laughs and abundance. A- bun- dance. I’m just going to dance around with my hair in a bun : watch me whip…. watch me naynayyy

Believe you will, and you will, believe you can, and you can!
Your thoughts.. are you, giving you energy.

Drake didn’t get his Ferrari without swervin’. Meaning,  there’s no such thing as something for nothing.
No ones going to hand you your dream world on a silver platter.

Plus, then would it really be worth it? The best victories are those that are earned.
Matter of fact, it probably wouldn’t even feel as good if you didn’t earn it.

How good does winning feel? I personally love to win, a feeling of euphoria, knowing that you gave it your all and BAM HERE I AM LOOK AT ME I DID IT.

anyone can do anything they put their mind to, powered by thought, guided by energy.

you’ve gotta go out there and take it. First ask for it, call for it, feeeeeeeeel for it.

Try raising your vibration.

The choice is yours, and yours alone – and once you make a simple decision, watch how your world will unfold.

So get to runnin’ through the 6 .. i’d drop your woes tho. You know how that sh*t go.

p.s. I could probably write a small novella on this subject, but a girls gotta paint the town red white and blue, ya dig?
Get to know yourself.
Happy Independence.

^ what an amazing concept




Everyone loves a juicy heartfelt drama filled story right?
Awesome. This one’s gonna be a bit personal. 🙂

As I’m learning, we’re all creatures of emotion composed of feelings, heart, breath and the list goes on… Recently, I’ve been focusing on mastering my energy and learning how to cultivate my powers to best work in mine and others benefits.

With the latest graduate posts and BIG congratulations to all, I thought I’d share some ah-ha & ha-ha moments compiled mainly of insight and a twist of earlier adolescence.

So let’s start with the recently popular slag of bae. No, not bacon and eggs, or what ‘babe’ as a significant other has now been shortened to, close! Rather my own, personal, raw 2015 definition of bae, and it’s an acronym : (i looovee acroyms)

Bachelors Aren’t Everything

Sit tight, I’ll explain :

As a hustler since day one with a go-getter, my way or the highway, attitude, I’ve always looked for shortcuts and ways to beat the system.(sorry Mom) After earlier trials and tribulations I felt as if I was finally in the right place, right time, with the right people.

Hello College & Helloooooooo MANhattan.

photo (4)

Living in the city that never sleeps as a fashion student, you’d think I had it all (definitely did, just wasn’t grateful) : the school, great friends, apartment, a dude, path of enlightenment, you could say I was very well off.

Every outside circumstance was on point except, I was lacking a crystal clear vision of my OWN personal goals and chief aim of what I wanted for me, & not us*


That ish will make you do some crazy things.
But hold that thought, we’ll get there…

FIRST >>>>>>>>>


Read that, every single day. You are who you are because of you, and no one else is just quite like you. Embrace your weirdness and dig deep to find your true purpose in this world.

Don’t rush things, BUT keep it movin’…

What I did know for sure: I was going to complete my Bachelors degree AND hope to progress towards ‘the next step’ in my relationship in this world built for two. I can fast forward and tell you what happened: I did get the degree, two actually… and one is from the school of hard knocks.

In comparison to what once was the most sought after accomplishment and documentation in order to be successful in our own & most parents eyes… a Bachelors Degree. To … the Degree of the Bachelors.

(And frankly, I’m not sure which one comes with less of a headache)

We have:

A Bachelors Degree: a certificate of completion of studies and in a specific, hopefully desired field, basically your blood sweat and tears on a piece of paper, with a hefty price tag * like I said, I DID IT & PROUD OF IT, all in 5 years and 4 schools, – wasn’t easy & after the fact I can surely say it’s not for everyone…… nor is the fact that currently with student loan debt my net worth is in the negatives..(that topic earns its own post)


A Degree of the Bachelors: learned experience of what not to do from a few not-so-successful relationships from ages 14-24, how the feeling of love should truly begin with yourself, and how you really DO NOT need a counterpart to validate your self-worth, but when absolutely true, pure and honest, I’m sure it really is wonderful.

Disclaimer : I watch a lot of Sex & the City (forever trying to live that dream) and Carrie Bradshaw was/is someone I’ve idolized, I mean c’mon we even have the same initials, CB up in here.

Face it, we all to make ourselves and families proud, and be able to provide for our families to come, right? However, a bachelors degree has definitely lost weight in credibility in-turn birthing of the big blue elephant in the room of student loans. When’s THAT bubble going to pop?

In short,  A Bachelors Degree is an amazing accomplishment, and you should be very proud if you have one. Just be aware that in 2015 with the advances in technology, current events, and who you listen to, it isn’t everything you need to be successful.

AND always trust love, just one more time. There are 7 Billion people in this world, and if you’re a lovesick puppy thinking why doesn’t anyone love me? DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? Really, do you? Because I’ll tell you right now, if you do not have a honest and wholesome relationship with who you look at in the mirror every day, who on Earth is going to love you? Besides maybe a puppy.

While we all search for that special someone we can possibly get so lost and in-turn should find ourselves. People come and go, but the only one you’re constantly going to sleep with every night is yourself, shouldn’t that be your best relationship?

‘As a man thinketh, in his heart.. so is he’  Proverbs 23:7

Whatever you hold in your heart and your mind will manifest in plain sight, keep those thinking caps tied tight.

& incase you were wondering about the title : PSA stands for public service announcement & ‘ey bae bae’ is a twist on “hey baby” .. I think it flows ..  🙂

ciao *


Whom do you listen to?
Whom do you look up to?
Who are some of your role-models?

2015… what Instagram accounts can you not live without? 🙂

I’m finding it incredible, with ultimate change & growth, the possibilities that can forever bloom when you harvest life with seeds of optimism and opportunity.

WHAT?  … basically : ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ … meaning, the quality of the output is determined by the quality of the input.

As a society addicted to CNN (constant negative news) we’re slightly bias and sometimes more partial to the ideas of ‘lack’ and loss, instead of being overzealous with love & longevity.

Well………… Flip the switch, it’s a blessed 3rd rock from the sun we live on, so let us spin in abundance.

“What is life?” Life is you.

You are in the driver seat, put the petal to the medal and pack your vehicle with those on the same mission. You are a product of your environment, and the company you keep.

Taking my own advice has me sitting here wishing, writing & manifesting on this fashion, fitness & lifestyle blog, a forever work-in-progress.

TO keep on modeling trend — on a photo shoot over the weekend,  my photographer friend Ashley, gal pal Emily, and myself collaborated together to see what we could accomplish. I’ve been improv shooting with Ashley a few different times half to build her portfolio, and half to get my ideas of a styling business off the ground. 
Team work makes the dream work.

IMG_8184IMG_8183IMG_8186 (1)

These are just silly shots I took with Snapchat (I’m tellin’ you, great quality point & shoot selfies on that app, good job Evan Spiegel)

When not being able to look at yourself, posing in front of a camera is a bit more challenging than one might think. So as I muster up the heart and belief that I’ve got what it takes (with lots and lots of practice)
Here’s some shots we did get :



That’s what really counts, right?

B e l i e v e   y o u   h a v e   i t   &   y  o u   h a v e   i t .

To view the complete shoot you can check out Ashley’s Facebook page, here.


Be who YOU wanna be, baby.

I don’t know whether 100% piggy back off this #callmecaitlyn debut or yes absolutely piggy back off this astounding, moving & shocking transformation. So, i’ll do both.

DISCLAIMER : I, myself, had mentally set a June 1st deadline to get my blog/website/brand up ( .. that you’re now reading .. ) and running and almost fell short.

BUT Bruce Jenner, went from man, no myth, just legend to fierce, fierce woman and that is            A LOT SCARIER TO JUST PUT OUT THERE.

Which totally goes to show : fear is a liar & you can do absolutely anything.

a n y t h i n g

Isn’t finding true happiness really the meaning of life?  I mean, don’t we all just want to live in harmonious bliss without the weight of the daily mambo jambo, the he said she said, salting our style?

I really don’t follow the Kardashian Kult at all anymore, I’ve switched the focus towards myself and my own goals, #winning || But for BJ now CJ to go through a complete sexual transformation takes some serious … guts.

I was having a conversation today with an old friend in a coffee shop and he too reminded me that, Vulnerability is a sign of strength.

Believe you have it & you have it.

So… as I too, figure it out, I’ll just building a brand over here in the right corner, but it was the wit of #callmecaitlyn that gave me that extra umph, that I needed.

Also ** Super happy that it’s spelled differently because #itsacutallycaitlinpaige

Aspire to inspire people.
You’ll never know if you don’t try.
Well, What if you fail, but darling what if you fly?

I hope that with your return, and MY personal growth I can provide you with just a little bit more value, charm, & fun to take with you as you go =]


A place I call HOME.

“Start where you are, with what you have.”
.. It’s not so much where you’re from, but whats in your heart, that matters*

*Unless you’re from some really awesome place, then kudos too… if not don’t sweat it because ‘your success is not determined by your zip-code’ says the experienced Gary Vaynerchuck. At the end of the day we’re all just trying to find our voice on this over-populated third rock from the sun.

Fortunately for me, I live by the beach and I love it, so we’ll just start this off with a win/win here. #humblebrag

Where the ocean meets the sky I can’t help but feel an ‘at the edge of the earth’ feeling wash over me — all while soaking up some rays & tanning your cheeks!

& As much as adventure strikes, itching to cast off and spread my wings elsewhere (soon enough), I’d like to first reflect & appreciate what I call home.

 Here, have a look :


Bay Head, New Jersey (photocredit: myself, Snapchat )

This was Friday. What a great day!


Also, buried deep throughout the vessels of my heart is a passion for fashion. Ooh, a rhyme! But it’s true. I believe what you’re wearing speaks volumes, all before opening your mouth. Miuccia Prada also agrees that “Fashion is instant language” and since & I’ve always had a lot to say… we’d better get a move on it.

If it looks good, wear it & better yet, share it.

FullSizeRender (10)

Balcony Bliss. (shot with : selfieeeestiicckkkkkk)

I wore this lavender fringe suit designed by a fellow fashionista, Thanks Cass!
The printed shorts I snagged at the mall, for just $10!

As you read, and as I get the hang of this, I’ll cover topics such as fashion, fitness, food, fake-it-till-ya-make-it’s & any other fun, funky, inspiring, insight that I see fit.
Let’s Party!

xO Caitlin