According to Sir Isaac Newton, and his first law of motion :

 “An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by unbalanced force.”

        ( also known as the law of inertia )

So what does this mean?

Well, I see it as  m o v e m e n t.  Movement that is essential for the soul.
Exercise; mind, body & spirit.

Safe to say, the only constant is change right?

Look down at your chest, feel it rise, and sink back down as you inhale & exhale.
Once again, change & constant movement.

So as we’re all just this energy spinning around in our own imperfect circles as we orbit a flaming ball of fire in the sky — where are we going with all this motion? “Good things come to those who wait I prefer “Great things come to those who believe in themselves and hustle… HARD” Nobody remembers the guy that gave up. Fact.

If you apply this KEEP IT MOVIN’ mantra to your life, goals, daily habits and that ambition factor — what do you *think* you could accomplish? Go ahead.. use your imagination & you might surprise yourself! I KNOW I DO. And when I do it feels good, really good, almost super human. Then when riding that best-self-high – I realize how much more often I should do the things I’m passionate about! CRAZY.

As I continue to explore and develop the thoughts I have when my mind wonders (that’s where you’ll find your treasure) I’m more and more excited to pursue and keep going!

Object in motion…stays in motion…unless acted on by an outside force ;  cool, got it!
*YET* that force could sometimes be LIFE. (dun dun dunnnnnnn) *gunna get sour for just a second*

Yup. Guilty. As is everyone. When it comes down to it, we’re all just trying to figure this whole human thing out. Ugh, First timers.

For example, I find it quite funny that after 4 other deleted posts and my chit-chat to close friends of this post on “Movement” FINALLY after my dilly-dallying it’s only coming to fruition as I lay here bed ridden with an inflamed right calf. OUCH!!! Is it because I physically can’t do anything besides glide across the floor like Michael Jackson at the moment, I have no choice but to mentally move?  *IRONIC* don’t ya think? Life has a funny way of helping you out.

Now with walking OUT of the question, I’ll spare you the photo of what feels like my third leg & instead share with you memories from movement of this morning :


This was an awesome yoga workshop called Headstands for Hunger, held in Asbury Park raising money for those in need.
To see the whole practice in 20 seconds, you can click here. 🙂

**class and photo credit to the lovely Christine ❤ thanks maaaamiiii**

As a newish yogi, newish writer and newish soul searching go getter .. years back, I had this headstand no problem. And then stopped practicing as much. I also have no good reason as to WHY. But there it is. Life. Happened?
Sure. Unexpected Outside Force.

Today.. It was clearly a little more challenging. Yet with some help, we can all do great things.

Also, while giving back today and reconnecting with myself, I in turn doubled on the receiving end.
As I laid down my first ever and only mat in preparation for class, I said aloud to Christine, ‘I really want to get a new mat soon’. Not even maybe 3 minutes later .. does another yogi come over with brand new unopened LULU mat in hand and ask me, If i’d like a new yoga mat?!
WHAT IN THE ACTUAL…….. how COOL. Thank you universe!
Turns out she works for LuLu Lemon, and we have the same name. OH. THE. SUPER COOL. IRONY.

So while I’m currently about to keep the wheels turning and figure out what’s going on with my knee/leg I’m glad this slight setback pushed me a little further in my yoga practice and further in blogging! Must. Make. More. Time. If you want anything bad enough, you’ll find a way… just gotta keep it movin’




e N e R g Y

That word. It’s contagious, dangerous, luminous & curious.
Energy is intense, could sometimes be stale, maybe strange or even too extreme.

However we’re feeling day to day, we’re radiating some type of energy.
Where is your focus? What do you highlight? When you look around, what do you see?
Different people radiate different types of energy.

Right now, I want to encourage you to think… like really really think. About anything, whatever comes to your mind.
(go ahead, I’ll wait)



^ remember those? That was fun

Did you drift towards something Positive 🙂 ? Negative 😦 ?   ——  Nothing at all ¿?
What’s going on up there in that brain of yours?
Whatever you thought about I bet that’s where your heart is <3333
I’d pay attention.. to the beating muscle that gives you life.

I was watching an interesting video last night talking about brain waves, and feelings of openness within your heart. Sounds pretty out of the ordinary.. yeah well it was. Definitely not something you’ve ever seen in Health class, which is also interesting..

We’re so in-tuned with our emotions , yet that’s not such common knowledge.

“Encourage the presence of positive emotions as the dominating thoughts in your mind, and discourage the presence of all the destructive emotions. ” – Think & Grow Rich

We’re all creatures of habit, the mind is a creature of habit. Think good things, and good things follow. Think bad things, and well, you get the picture.
What we’re not lead to believe : We’re actually in total control.

You’re holding the paint brush…so paint away!  I used to compare the feeling of ” being stuck” to relationships, with a significant other. Love is the most powerful of feelings, emotions, energies.

Looking back, I was in a lot of different encounters, and I’ve definitely learned a lot from my adolescent commitments. And as I grow up, and gain more experience, I know how important love is, and especially the love for yourself. Can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself. The end.
WAIT —  Not the end, just yet.. more so the beginning.. of you, ME, us. Whomever, wherever. You decide.
But ‘stuck’ really is a choice, so just choose to become un-stuck. Raise your energy.


A wise, inspiring man by the name of Claude Bristol once told me :
Thought, attracts that which it is directed. I’ll type it once more because I like to –
T h o u g h t  a t t r a c t s  t h a t  w h i c h  i t  i s  d i r e c t e d.

thoughts = energy

If you’re feeling a little on the negative side, that’s okay.. just recognize it and work on .. changing.
I myself, used to see things in a less fortunate light, until I opened my mind towards abundance.

And yes, life is magical. MAGICAL, we’re all magical creatures with brain waves and toes and armpit hair and laughs and abundance. A- bun- dance. I’m just going to dance around with my hair in a bun : watch me whip…. watch me naynayyy

Believe you will, and you will, believe you can, and you can!
Your thoughts.. are you, giving you energy.

Drake didn’t get his Ferrari without swervin’. Meaning,  there’s no such thing as something for nothing.
No ones going to hand you your dream world on a silver platter.

Plus, then would it really be worth it? The best victories are those that are earned.
Matter of fact, it probably wouldn’t even feel as good if you didn’t earn it.

How good does winning feel? I personally love to win, a feeling of euphoria, knowing that you gave it your all and BAM HERE I AM LOOK AT ME I DID IT.

anyone can do anything they put their mind to, powered by thought, guided by energy.

you’ve gotta go out there and take it. First ask for it, call for it, feeeeeeeeel for it.

Try raising your vibration.

The choice is yours, and yours alone – and once you make a simple decision, watch how your world will unfold.

So get to runnin’ through the 6 .. i’d drop your woes tho. You know how that sh*t go.

p.s. I could probably write a small novella on this subject, but a girls gotta paint the town red white and blue, ya dig?
Get to know yourself.
Happy Independence.

^ what an amazing concept